Pre Morning Routine

Step 1.

Commit and Plan The Night Before!

Okay, so let's build out our daily routine. The first thing we are going to do is start from the night before we start our day. This is because this is when we need to really get organised and COMMIT to smashing the day tomorrow. Making a commitment to ourselves that we are going to get up and live life on our terms. This is a trick that has always worked wonders for me. It helps get you into a great headspace for when you wake up because already when you wake up you already own the day. I love that. 

Nightime Affirmation:

I'm going to wake up at ____ tomorrow because I have decided that is what time I need to get up to achieve my goals and move closer to my highest self.

I will wake up tomorrow at that time because I have a mission to accomplish and it's the time I've chosen that will allow enough time to work on myself and my life so I may fulfil my true purpose!

Every time I wake up when I decide and go after my goals, I become more of who I am destined to become!

I choose and decide everything that happens in my life and I am the sole creator of my future!

Life happens for me, not to me, and I'm excited to have the opportunity to live another day as a creator!


Step 2.

Wake up 10 minutes Earlier

So let's go to the next morning. When setting an alarm for 4am realise that if you don't wake up that early then you're going to simply fail after a few days. So we need to start waking up 10 minutes earlier each day to help us get used to getting up earlier. If you go to bed at a reasonable time you can get up whenever you want. It's not essential but you will more than likely need that extra time to really take care of every area of your life. The morning is the best time to do self work as there are no distractions and by 9-10am you've fully taken care of yourself as the priority. Learn to manage your time here also as it can get away from you... as an example going to the gym takes time! it can take 1-2 hours out of your day easily. Also, remember sleep is a weapon so don't abuse yourself by getting up early and staying up late to the point of exhaustion, you'll know when you've truly had enough!


Step 3. (Upon Waking) 500ml - 1Litre of Water

The first thing you want to do when you wake up is drink 500ml to 1litre of water. It's a great start to the day and helps rehydrate your body after a long nights rest and repair. Additionally if your day is busy it will help you stay hydrated until lunch. The next thing that I do is go and make a coffee. Now if you don't like coffee or tea that's fine just get straight into your morning routine but for me I love the feeling of a nice warm coffee before I meditate. It also stops me from falling back asleep.

M.E.G.A. Morning RoutinE



Part 1.

(10 Minutes Meditation)

Set out your area and have your playlist or meditation app/ song ready.

Focus on centering yourself and bringing balance and focus to your mind.

Meditate for 10 minutes then move to Visualisation.

(Calm, Headspace, Smiling Minds, Spotify Premium)


Part 2.

(10 Minutes Visualisation)

Start music and Visualise your Mind Movie/ Vision Board...

(YouTube,, Calm, Spotify Premium)


Step 2. EXERCISE: 

(1 Hour)

(30 Minutes Minimum)




Mastermind Workouts


Step 3. GOALS: 

(20 Minutes)

(The Master Persona and Goals Sheet)

Go over The Master Persona Tool to read your Purpose, Mission and Cause!

Go over your goals from the Mindset Mastery Tool in the 7 Areas of Life. Read out your top goals.

Use this to prioritise High Value Tasks (HVT's) for the day!



(Up to 1 Hour)

(Write Your Book)

Start writing material/ blog/ or book each morning.

Gratitude Journaling is also great.

Become an Expert time




R.A.P. Night Routine



 (Read a Small Amount)

Read a book relating to your current purpose / mission / goals



(Advanced Self Review)

Use the Mindset Mastery Tool to complete the ASR and 7 Areas Life Assessment...



(What needs to be done for tomorrow)

Write out your to do list for tomorrow...

Get clothes and gym gear ready

Get water ready

Close out your day

Rest/ Sleep