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OMAU - Off Market Australia

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You might be wondering what a mastermind is? It's the collective intelligence of a group who have a common goal. Here our goal is to create FREEDOM and EMPOWER all 7 areas of our lives.


The biggest thing that has helped me in my life has been having great mentors. I got access to those mentors by joining a mastermind.

Over the last decade of my life I've invested a ton of time and money researching the best ways to achieve total life mastery. Being apart of masterminds has allowed me to hit a level of personal fulfilment that I never even thought possible and now I want to share that with you.


After spending 10 years in the military and serving in the the SAS (The worlds most elite Special Forces group) I had decided it was no longer my true calling and so I dedicated my time for many years to the pursuit of acquiring specialised knowledge on how to achieve insane levels of rapid success and personal growth. How to achieve Mastery!

You could make all the same mistakes I did or you could join a mastermind and benefit from the power of the mastermind to avoid these mistakes and transform your life.

Some masterminds are extremely expensive running upwards of $25,000 per year!! However I wanted to deliver all of this at an affordable price so I could reach more people. My purpose with this is to impact as many lives as possible in a positive way. To bring powerful minds together to achieve breakthroughs that transform the course of this world for the better!

If you want to be apart of something thats going to change the world and allows you to hit a level in your life that you never thought possible then you need to join us now! Break the chains of average and elevate yourself to beyond your potential.

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